Gameplay Tips

We've created some general guideline and tips on how to be a master at this game. Most of these tips can be found all over the whitepaper, but we are consolidating them here for ease of use.

Pet Tips

Understand your pet really well, often the player who master their pet better will win the match regardless of rarity.

  • Woruffing - Knowing how long it takes before your 3rd skill splits into 5 smaller bombs is crucial to mastering this pet as it meant the difference between 1x and 5x damage.

  • Bawaving - Similar to Woruffing, you have to know how long it takes for the sound wave to break, hitting an opponent before it breaks or too far means you are dealing very little damage.

  • Sniffing - Poison is the name of the game. The poison mist affects all other pets in its area. Deploy it where there's a possibility to affect more opponents. Skill 1 and 2 rolls a certain distance before exploding, use them to damage opponents who dug themselves into the terrain.

  • Pifating - Skill 2 and 3 of Pifating runs along the terrain for a certain distance before self detonating, learn the distance it will run before it explodes to deal maximum damage.

  • Radenting - Skill 2 and 3 of Radenting, pulls and push pets respectively. Use them to affect the location of either opponents' or yours. It's heavily affected by terrain, so understanding the terrain is also important.

  • Horiding - All 3 skills of Horiding does big damage to the terrain, use them well to disrupt opponent's plans.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts like using the spacebar to fire off a second shot with the same angle at the same power is very useful in reducing the time spend on your turn which allows you to have more turn in the battle.

Battling Tips

Understand how how it will take for delayed explosions from different skills, use the predictive angle to help you master each shot.

Maximize Daily GSC Earnings From Quests

Look at all the quests before starting any PvE battles, aim to clear as many quests as possible everyday. This increases your daily earnings without any extra costs.

Maximize Earning GSC From PvE Campaigns

The PvE campaigns are not designed for massive GSC earnings, that's the job of the PvP mode.

Here's how to earn the maximum possible GSC from the PvE Campaigns: Make sure your pet is at the recommended level to earn the maximum amount of allocated GSC.

If the game recommends using a level 5 pet to play this map Results of:

  • Using a level 4 pet and below, it should be pretty hard for you to win, unless you have exceptional skills.

  • Using a level 5 pet, you can win and receive 100% of allocated GSC.

  • Using a level 6 pet, you can win and receive 50% of allocated GSC.

  • Using a level 7 pet, you can win and receive 0% of allocated GSC.

This is to prevent players from using a high powered pet to grab lots of GSC and selling them on the market easily.

So DO NOT use higher level pets to play a map with lower recommended level in order to maximize your GSC earning. Otherwise you won't have enough GSC to level up your pet.

Using GSC Earned From PvE Campaigns

The GSC earned from PvE campaigns is best used for the following:

  • Focus on leveling up a single pet, always keep your main pet at the recommended level.

  • Getting items from the fortune wheel.

  • Leveling up a second pet if you have extra GSC.

Overselling your GSC will cause you not to have enough GSC to level up your pets to compete for bigger prizes in the upcoming PvP battles.

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