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Family & Clan

We always understand how communication is important with everyone in everywhere. And for an online game, since the first day, has been made with the purpose of connecting people, together.
Therefore, we're aiming for the Family System and the Clan System. The initial idea is a Family is a place for small people who be friends, or even family, to connect with others, so we limit the number of a Family is 4. There will be more and more features release with Family later like Building, Farming, Family Battles, ...
But what if your community is bigger than 4? What if you are a leader, an inspirational person, or a KOL who can lead your member to save our Fantasy StarWorld... ? Don't worry! We will have Clan System, which is a community that includes many Families. Of course, there will be a lot of features related to Clan that will be released in the future like Clan war, Clan royalty, ...
Play to Connect and Earn together!