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$GST is an external governance token used outside of the game. It's mainly used for:

  • Buying pets

  • Staking

  • Buying houses (feature in development)

  • Voting power for future game features/decisions/directions (feature in development)

$GSC is an in-game token that is mainly used within the game itself. This is the main token that players will be rewarded with when they perform in-game actions such as winning PvE campaigns, completing quests, ranking in PvP leaderboards.

It's mainly used for:

  • Leveling up your pets

  • Get items from the fortune wheel

  • All future in-game features will require $GSC, such as:

    • Buying items in-game (feature in development)

    • Paying house rental fees (feature in development)

    • Transportation between cities (feature in development)

Do I need money to start?

It's free to play the game with our Rosaging Pet. You are able to earn $GSC normal along with all other players. However, in order to unlock the ability to withdraw your $GSC tokens, you will need to own and hold 2 NFT pets for 7 consecutive days. Details can be found here

How much money can I make from Gunstar Metaverse?

It depends, Gunstar Metaverse is a play and earn game. However, we encourage players to come in with a mindset and a focus on playing and enjoying the game.

Earning from Gunstar Metaverse will likely increase in future updates with the PvP. Rewarding players who are better skilled and/or experience with the game.

When can I withdraw my GSC?

You are able to withdraw your $GSC after you unlock the ability to withdraw your $GSC tokens, by owning and holding 2 NFT pets for 7 consecutive days. Details can be found here

Which pet is the best?

This is a subjective question, there is no single best pet for all players and features. Each pet have their own pros and cons, we suggest playing with the pet that you are happiest with.

Can I play with my friends?

Sure, we are currently working on the PvP feature where you are able to play in either co-opt or compete with your friends. Besides that, you can make a party with your friends to participate in Raid Boss event which in development as well

If I buy a pet that has been leveled up and then return it to your nick, will it be reset to lvl1?

The pet's level will be capped to the rider's level. If the purchased pet is level 10 and the buyer's rider is level 6 --> the pet level will be capped to 6 when the buyer transfer it to the game.

The pet in my wallet does it appear in the game by itself or do I need to do something for it to enter the game?

You should login to your game and transfer your pet from the blockchain to in-game under the pet station by switching to the transfer mode.

Sometimes, I got this issue when launching the game, how to solve it?

It's a known issue that a lot of players use different browsers with extensions and cached that cause high conflict and heavy memory usage. Therefore the Gunstar development team highly recommend players to

  • Update the browser to the latest version

  • Use the official browser (should not use the Portable version)

  • Clear cache if it's possible

In case you meet the issue please follow these steps

- On Windows: Press Ctrl + F5 - On Mac: Press Command + Shift + R

If the issue still happens, you can reinstall the game following the image below

If you meet the Game issue please report via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hYpqkNdiz-10geJ-LvPWgMEBofUQ-p8_OFpq2XURvjI/

If you meet the Token/NFT/Marketplace issue please report via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1frRl6Ye468JD_rZTA5ZQJSdhGAxId1hZ7MjhV8FIkaI/

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