Pet Skills

Each pet currently have:

  • Skill 1 (Lowest damage, lowest delay count)

  • Skill 2 (Medium damage, medium delay count)

  • Skill 3 - Ultimate Skill (Highest damage, highest delay count)

  • Passive Skill (Additional effects for the pet, or team)

Each of the attacking skill are split into 3 functions:

  1. Skill Delay

  2. Skill Damage Range

  3. Skill Effects (if any)

Skill Delay

Since Gunstar is a turn based game, turns are calculated by a delay for the next turn.

  • Taking time on a turn increases the delay count.

  • Using items on a turn increases the delay count.

  • Using skills on a turn increases the delay count.

Different skills will have very different delay counts. Even same skills have a randomized delay count. This makes the game slightly more interesting and varied where the pet with the highest damage may not always be the best choice in all scenarios.

Do you want a pet with slightly faster turns but slightly lesser damage? Sometimes the speed advantage can come in just in time with an extra when both of you have less than 1% of health left.

Or do you prefer the same pet with slightly more damage? Attempting to quickly capitalize on your damage.

Skill Damage Range

To keep the game both fair and still interesting, all pets apart from trial pets have a range of values for all their stats.

Example: Bawaving's Skill 3 Full Range:

  • Skill Delay: 900 to 964

  • Skill Damage: 225 to 303

Within that skill damage range there are 5 sub ranges

  • 225 to 275

  • 232 to 282

  • 239 to 289

  • 246 to 296

  • 253 to 303

Higher damage comes with higher delay. This means that all ranges can still compete with each other. Do you want to get a bit more damage or get chance to act first? Highest damage may not always be the right answer.

Each skills has their own ranges, it's very possible to receive a pet with a high range for Skill 1, a lower range for Skill 2, and a highest range for Skill 3.

Skills does damage based on the range. If the angle of your shot falls within the perfect angle, you will be able to do the maximum damage of the damage range.

The damage display doesn't factor in opponent's defenses. So 282 damage shown above would be reduced based on the % of the opponent's defenses.

Skill Effects

Some skills comes with additional effects, such as being able to run on the terrain for a few seconds before exploding, or it can split into multiple smaller bombs.

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