Pet Rarity

The pets are categorized into different rarities.

Pet Rarities








Ascend being the highest rarity and Normal being the lowest rarity of the NFT pets. The Trial pets are not NFT based and are weaker than all other pets.

NFT Pets

All rarities are build pretty equally in power. A normal pet in the hands of a skilled player can win against pets of higher rarities. So the game is more skill based rather than based on how much money you can spend.

Higher rarity pets can be a lot more rewarding to play when you have mastered the pet. These pets usually have more unique skills and are capable of dealing more damage when used correctly, but if you don't master the pet, it can actually become more of a problem rather than a benefit.

Simply having pets of higher rarities allows you multiple benefits such as:

  • GSC Bonus from PvE

  • Ability to purchase more rewarding passes

Trial Pets

Trial pets are free pets given to all players, it's perfect for trying out the game to see if players like it. This trial pet has lower power compared to all other pets. Leveling this pet still gives pet stats bonuses.

Players can earn Rune tokens while playing with this pet to purchase Game Items or purchase Raid pass in Raidboss mode to earn the GSC tokens.

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