Campaign mode is where you explore StarWorld. By defeating the enemy there you will unlock more worlds and pets.

The rewards for adventure mode are:

  1. Experience Points for your rider

  2. GSC currency

  3. Low chance of Items

  4. Low chance of Pet Fragments

Higher-level maps will carry higher rarity and higher chances of Items and Pet Fragments.

The objective of the campaign mode is to:

  1. Build up your rider's experience points

  2. Earn GSC to increase the level of one of your pets

  3. To understand and gain mastery over your pet's skills

  4. Prepare for PvP

You will earn enough GSC currency from the campaigns to fully level up 1 pet. You will then use this powered up pet to participate in the PvP to earn the big rewards (more GSC) to level up your other pets.

Earning GSC From PvE Campaigns

The PvE campaigns are not designed for massive GSC earnings, that's the job of the PvP mode.

Here's how to earn the maximum possible GSC from the PvE Campaigns:

Your pet is at the recommended level to earn the maximum amount of allocated GSC.

  1. The highest level of your pets is the same as your rider's level.

  2. Your pet is at the recommended level to earn the maximum amount of allocated GSC.

  3. Amount of GSC earning following Rider's level vs Recommend level of a campaign mission

    1. If Rider's level <= Recommend level need for a mission --> 100% earning (100 GSC)

    2. If Rider's level - Recommend level need for a mission = 1 --> 50% earning (50 GSC)

    3. If Rider's level - Recommend level need for a mission = 2 --> 0 earning

Extra rewards for City 6 when using the Fidiving & Buthreshing in missions 7, 14, and 21. Players will get more GSC (200) than other nodes.

Using GSC Earned From PvE Campaigns

The GSC earned from PvE campaigns is best used for the following:

  • Focus on leveling up a single pet, always keep your main pet at the recommended level.

  • Getting items from the fortune wheel.

  • Level up a second pet if you have extra GSC.

Overselling your GSC or attempting to power level multiple pets at the same time will cause you not to have enough GSC to level up your pets to compete for bigger prizes in the upcoming PvP battles.

Bonus GSC From PvE Campaigns (In development)

As an additional benefit for high rarity pets, owners of higher rarity pets receive additional GSC when they hold multiple and higher rarity pets.

Each pet that you own starting from your second pet earns you bonus GSC based on it's rarity up to a maximum of 20% more GSC earn per map.

Your bonus will be still affected by the recommended level. If you are at or below the recommended level, you receive the full bonus, if you are 1 level above the recommended level, your bonus cuts in half, if you are 2 or more levels above the recommended level, you do not receive any GSC at all.

Pet TypeBonus Per Pet













How it works:

Scenario 1 1 normal pet, 2 rare pets, 3 elite pets Lowest rarity = normal Bonus: Normal = 0% Rare = 0.40% * 2 = 0.80% Elite = 0.60% * 3 = 1.80% Total Bonus = 2.6% Scenario 2 2 rare pet, 2 elite pets, 3 mythic pets Lowest rarity = normal Bonus: Rare = 0.40% * 1 = 0.40% Elite = 0.60% * 2 = 1.20% Mythic = 0.80% * 3 = 2.40% Total Bonus = 4.0%

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