Pet Fragments

Pet Fragments are shards of pet souls that needs the player's help to be combined into a new pet. This will allow players to merge pets either for their own training or be sold to another player.

We plan to introduce new species of pets via this method, so the only way to acquire a new species of pet is by hunting your own fragments and merging it or by buying the new pet from another player.

Hence pet fragments belonging to new species of pets can be very valuable.

How Acquire Pet Fragments

Currently players can acquire Pet Fragments by opening Fragment Packs which can be earn from:

  1. Raid Boss Milestones

  2. Raid Boss Leaderboards

We will have more ways to earn Fragments Packs in the near future.

Where to Use Pet Fragments

Currently players can use Pet Fragments for:

  1. Merging into Pet Souls

  2. Upgrading their pets

Upgrading Pets with Pet Fragments

Pets required additional boost of pet fragments to help increase their power when leveling up. Pets can use any pet fragment for the upgrading.

Example, if you owned a Elite Pet, you can use pet fragment of any rarity from Normal to Ascend to upgrade your pet, the same is true if you own a Normal rarity pet or any other rarity.

All pet fragments used for the upgrading are considered equal, using a higher rarity fragment will NOT give you any additional benefit.

You can also mix rarities for the upgrading.

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