Raid Boss - Solo

Raid boss is a special feature in the game. It's a time-limited event that only opens in a certain period of time.

In future events players can choose co-op or solo for the Boss Raid. The reward will be calculated based on how much damage is removed from the boss.

The main reward of boss raiding event is Pet Fragments which is a rare item in Gunstar. Pet Fragments allow players to merge into new pets, and is required for pet leveling too.

The enemy in this mode is a real Boss, consisting of multiple stages. If the HP is reduced to zero, it will immediately evolve to the next stage, with more HP, stronger, and smarter.

Event Schedule

Solo Raid Boss Event happens twice a week. Each event will last for 24hrs. The Boss will appear in a random city.

Types of Raid Rewards

3 types of raid rewards will be given out.

  1. Specialist Fragment Pack - with higher chances [75%] to get specific pet fragments - hardest boss drop these [more chances to appear in later cities].

  2. Rarity Fragment Pack - with equal chances to only get fragments from that rarity - medium bosses.

  3. Generic Fragment Packs - with chances to get all pets - easiest bosses [more chances to appear in earlier cities].

Solo Raid Pass

Each player will be given 2 Raid Passes per event. If players own more than 1 Raid Pass (from the previous event or buy from Grocery), then the free ones won't be added. Each run uses 1 Solo Raid Pass. Playing Raid Boss does NOT use energy from Pets. The player can keep playing as long as all their pets have HP.

Players can acquire more Raid Pass using Runes. Runes can be earned by playing quests or via converting from GSC.

  • 1 Raid Pass: 1,200 Rune

  • 2 Raid Passes: 2,400 Rune

  • 3 Raid Passes + 1 random item: 2,900 Rune

Event Flow

  1. Players need to unlock the city the boss is in before being able to challenge the boss.

  2. Rider level need to reach level 8 to be able to join in Raid boss

  3. Each run uses 1 Solo Raid Pass.

  4. The player starts the raid, they choose up to 3 pets to bring in. The 3 pets must be of different species, ie; cannot have 2 Radentings.

  5. There is no level cap for riders or pets, players can join any event with rider and pet of any level as long as the pet level is below or equal to the rider they are using.

  6. The player can bring up to 3 items into the raid event. Upgradable to 5 items in the future. The players do their best to clear as many bosses as possible.

  7. The player fails to clear the stage, dies and returns to the city map.

  8. They can attempt again if they have Raid Pass left.

Raid Boss Flow

  1. The raid bosses start at the lowest level, generally with dumber AI and using only Skill 1 and 2.

  2. Players will use 3 pets at the same time. If the player chose to bring in lesser than 3 pets, all of them will be used.

  3. Turns delays will happen the same as the Campaigns, it will affect the individual pet.

  4. Using items that affects the pet whose turn you are using the item on.

  5. There is no match timer for Raid Boss. Shot counter is still in effect.

  6. The player’s HP doesn’t recover automatically between each boss level. Unless they choose to recover their HP.

  7. If a pet dies, it won’t be available for the rest of the current run. It will only be available in the next run.

  8. The boss is protected by an aura. Do not try to get too close to the boss.

Raid Boss Player's Selection Choices

In between each stage of the Boss Raid, players are given a choice to buff up their pets.

Players have the option to open up their item inventory and refill the items along with 2 random choices of temporary buffs to all their pets. Each of the buffs has an equal chance of being randomly appearing.

  1. Recover 10% of total HP.

  2. Increase ATK by 3%.

  3. Increase 5% of total HP.

  4. Increase DEF by 3% of current.

  5. Increase CRIT Chance by 5% of current.

  6. Increase CRIT Dmg by 5% of current.

Update 2.1.0

With update 2.1.0

New buffs are introduced into the Raid Boss Mode, while some old buffs are removed and/or adjusted.


Recover 10% of total HP

[NEW] Weapon Mastery

Increase ATK by 10%. Increased amount per stack = Base ATK * 10%

Physical Training

Temporary increase 5% of total HP. Increased amount per stack = Current HP * 5%

[NEW] Critical Strike

Increase CRIT Chance by 25%. Max value: 100%

[NEW] Deadly Strike

Increase CRIT Damage by 10%. Increased amount per stack = Base Crit damage *10%

[NEW] Phoenix Rise

Revive all pet once

[NEW] Energy Surge I

Double ATK during the next stage. Duration: 1 stage

[NEW] Energy Surge II

Triple ATK during the next stage. Duration: 1 stage

[NEW] Divine Shield

Increase DEF by 30%. Your DEF cannot go higher than 80

[NEW] Surprise Strike I

Lose 10% crit chance. Gain 100% crit damage

[NEW] Surprise Strike II

Lose 25% crit chance. Gain 200% crit damage

[NEW] Broken Blade I

Enemy ATK - 50% for next stage. Duration: 1 stage

[NEW] Cracked Armor I

Reduce enemy DEF by 70% for next stage. Duration: 1 stage

[NEW] Dull Blade I

Enemy Crit chance -75% for next stage. Duration: 1 stage

[NEW] Missed Strike I

Enemy Crit damage -80% for next stage. Duration: 1 stage

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