Pet Stats

6 Different Stats

There are a total of 6 different stats for the pets.

  • HP

  • Defense

  • Attack

  • Critical Chance

  • Critical Damage

  • Movement


Hit points, this shows how much health your pet has. If this reaches zero during a battle, you are knocked out of the fight.


Defense, this are shown in terms of percentages. 10 defense = 10% defense, reducing damages by 10%.


Attack, this are shown in terms of skill damages.

Critical Chance

Critical Chance, shown as a percentage of how likely your attacks will land as a critical hit. Each attack is calculated individually, if your attack fires 3 fireballs, each of the 3 has a chance for a critical hit.

Critical Damage

Critical Damage, shown as a percentage of how much extra damage to add on to your base attack before subtracting opponent's defense.


Movement, shown as a absolute number on how far you are able to move per turn.

Stats Range

Each stat have their own full array of numbers, split into 5 sections:

  1. Very High

  2. High

  3. Medium

  4. Low

  5. Very low

Each section, is then further split into 5 numbers. For example, the pet Bawaving has preset medium HP, so the HP range for a level 1 Bawaving is between 2,900 to 3,180.

  1. 2,900 - Medium 1

  2. 2,970 - Medium 2

  3. 3,040 - Medium 3

  4. 3,110 - Medium 4

  5. 3,180 - Medium 5

Each of the pet's 6 stats have their own 5 numbers and it's very possible to receive a Bawaving with:

  • Medium 3 for HP

  • Medium 1 for DEF

  • Medium 4 for MOV

  • High 5 for CRIT Chance %

  • High 4 for CRIT Damage

  • Different numbers for each attacking skill as you have learned in the previous section.

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