Gunstar Metaverse


There is a legend that says, thousands of years ago, in the land of Fantasy StarWorld, people and creatures lived and accompanied each other to build a beautiful and peaceful world.

However, over a thousand years ago, a technology was developed by humans that had multiple side effects, turning animals into monsters that were corrupted and ferocious. Over time the monsters are grew stronger and are gradually conquering the lands to destroy human civilization, bringing everyone back to the stone ages.

Luckily for us, there are powerful summoned beasts left that have not been affected by that ferocious power. Humans eventually learn how to be friends with them, harnessing the power of summoned beasts and available technology, gradually becoming strong enough to be able to resist the destruction of that ferocious power from those monsters.

And the story begins with the journey of humans gathering together to tame the summoned beasts, together to destroy the monsters and save the human civilization in StarWorld.

Fantasy StarWorld

Fantasy Star World is a mega-sized virtual world, which loosely depicts a harmonious life shared between mortals and the mystical creatures that dates back a thousand years.

A gigantic continent surrounded by an array of islands is commonly known as Pearl Island and is also home to all the gamers embarking on their journeys to defeat these hostile monsters and save their Star World.

After fulfilling their assigned missions in Pearl Island, the Players’ primary responsibility is to attain a sufficient amount of GSC tokens to engage in their further heroic marches to the center-based homeland Skyland, which as of late has been under strenuous siege of the monsters.

In these center areas, fortresses now have been erected to protect the remaining untouched cities against the grave destruction from the monsters. The mystical creatures also chose the exotic realms that are far outreach of humans. In order to survive in the cities, Players have to allocate their GSC budget either daily or monthly on housing expenses.

Renting out houses is also recommended to increase the GSC token income. Players are advised to make official returns to Pearl Island for to collect and manage their houses.

Additional conveniences are also to be featured in city houses, such as expanding the storage units, launching merchandise for pets: Teleport, medicine, power up in lieu of purchasing in actual flag stores. This indeed leads to a corresponding rise in the houses’ values.

Furthermore, Players can sell/buy their own houses via Market place system. Players’ day-by-day missions are to collect worthy bounties from hunting the Monsters appearing at the outskirts of the city. Especially hunting Monster Bosses that have a chance of dropping Pet Fragment whose primary functions are to enable the recreation of domesticated Pets. Those creatures are of course aggressive and unpredictable.

Therefore, players are recommended to opt for either solos or group-works with their fellow city-dwellers amid their endeavor to defeat these Monsters, which grow stronger and wicked as they venture further to the StarWorld continents. The more powerful creatures players can defeat, the more rewarding score they can obtain. And so, with that being said, who here has what it takes to have first-hand experience on reaching this magical center area as a pioneer. The civilization that once was known to be the epitome of prosperity and magnificence 1000 years right before the catastrophe wipe out.


When arriving in the cities of the continents, players need a house to live in. They can choose to rent a house (pay by day in $GSC) or buy a house (pay in $GST). Housing can be upgraded with additional features such as: expanding storage capacity, producing support items for pets.

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