For the initial launch we have the following items:
Item Name
Item description
Goddess's Drink
Heal 30% of pet's maximum health.
Villainous Elixir
Increases damage output by 30% for 1 turn. Use only for 3rd Skill.
Immunity to all damage received until your next turn.
Symbol of Death
Fires your skills twice for 1 turn. Use only for 1st and 2nd Skill.
Increase terrain destruction of your skills by 200%.
Teleport to a location during a battle.

Acquiring Items

These items are available via the fortune wheel. We will have options to sell items directly in the near future for faster access to them.
There's also a small chance to win them from item drops from the PvE campaign.

Item Usage

As the items are not easy to come by, it would be ideal to save them until you really need it. Using too much items in lower levels would meant that you may have to buy them at a later stage.
You should also keep your items for PvP matches in the future.
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