Turn-based Artillery game

As a turn-based game, we focus on skills and game analysis. Moreover, players need to understand the companion pet chosen to be able to optimize their abilities. With the help of technology, in addition to the power of pets, you can also use the power of human technology to make it easier for you to adventure in the world.

Core gameplay

Gunstar is a 2D game that bears the properties of a turn-based and ballistics simulation game. In Gunstar, players are placed on 2 opposing teams, the opponent either is an AI monster or a player. They will take turns firing at each other with their royalty "pet". Each pet has 2 unique skills are Normal and Ultimate. This game also has external factors affected by the result of a match, like terrains condition, winds, storms, ... acquire players to continuously change their aim and trajectory power while rethinking their strategy at the same time. The predicted trajectory system is implemented to support everyone getting into the entry point, but still, calculation skills are the key important to showing-off here.

Pet Art & Design

Accompanying players are extremely powerful pets, even with summoned beasts such as dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, etc. There are a total of 23 types of pets with different strengths and abilities.
Especially these 23 types of pets are not the same, they are divided into many types depending on their mythological level such as: Ascended, Legendary, Elite, Rare, Normal..etc

Pet Fragment & Merging system

By playing the game, especially at the Boss stage, a time-limited event appears in different cities, it has a chance to drop Pet Fragment. When you collect enough Pet Fragment required for a Pet, you can choose to Merge. After that, you can choose and use it in the match.
Please take note that there will be a percentage of Merging. The more rarity it has, the harder the percentage.

In-game item

Besides weapons for your beloved pet, human technology also creates items to support you on every match. There are currently a few types of items:
Teleport to a destination on a map. It has no effect if you choose outside the map
Goddess's Drink
This item heal your pet, make you live longer.
Symbol of dead
Allow user to fire twice at the same time. Can only be used with Normal Weapon.
Villainous Elixir
Allow user to fire a stronger shot. Can only be used with Ultimate Weapon.
Prismatic Shield
Give you the ability of phoenix, immunity to all damage until your next turn.
Miter of the Gnome
Lock items of opponent for 2 turns
You can select up to 3 items for a match. The only way to get these items is using the soft currency (GSC) of the game and get them from the Fortune Wheel feature.

Strengthen character

As a hero, you will collect experience after every match you play & win. Your character will become stronger and stronger over time.

Renting pet

The main power of a fight, as always, is your pet. So the stronger pet, the easier to defeat the opponent. But sometimes, it's not as easy as talk for getting a legendary pet, so we implement the system in which you can borrow your pet from the market for a period of time.
Once the pet has been rent, you are allowed to use its full features during the activating time. You need to pay the Pet's owner a fee depending on the market.
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