Ranking system
The ranking system is how we match players based on the ELO from their matches in Arena. We named as Arena Point ( AP ). Our goal is to create a battle between players with the same skill in order to get a better quality match. It's also used to reward players after each Arena Season.
All rank levels are determined by your Arena Point.
AP Standard
Number of tiers
10 tiers
Bronze star
1000 - 1499
5 tiers
Silver star
1500 - 1999
5 tiers
Gold star
2000 - 2499
5 tiers
Platinum star
2500 - 2999
5 tiers
Diamond star
3000 - 3499
5 tiers
1 tier
ELO points for matches are dynamic and are calculated based on too many factors. The basic point always is counted by the chance of winning the match between you and your opponents. If you match with low rankers, you will get lower AP after winning them, and if you match with high rankers, your AP will be higher than normal after winning the match.
If you quit the game in the middle of a fight, there will be punishment on your AP, with the purposed of protecting other players' experience.
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