Pet Generations

Pet Generations

Generation 0

Gen0 pets are the pets that are hatched from eggs originally minted with the developers. These pets are:

  • Bawaving

  • Sniffing

  • Horiding

  • Pifating

  • Woruffing

  • Radenting

The benefits of generation 0 are that it has no energy limitations when playing the campaign mode, the price of the pet is determined by the market supply and demand.

Generation 1

  • Fidiving

  • Buthreshing

  • Goastabing

Gen1 pets are the first pets created by players by using Pet Fragments, along with GSC, and GST.

The benefits of generation 1 are that it's built to be stronger than gen0 and it has very strong advantage in playing the new and improved special missions which gives out more GSC than the average campaign.

The downside is that it has a maximum lifespan when it's minted that can be recharge using Pet Fragments.

Being NFTs the stats are fixed for Gen0, minting the Gen0 will not bring the same benefits as a pure bred Gen1.

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