Pet Energy

Energy systems work a bit differently between each generation of pets.

Generation 0

Each pet has an energy bar worth 3 energy when you first start the game. 1 bar of energy is consumed whenever you bring the selected pet into a battle in the PvE campaign. Pets recover 1 bar of energy every 4 hours.

We will have ways to increase your pet's energy in the future.

Generation 1

Each pet starts with a fixed amount of lifespan based on its rarity. For example, a Normal Rarity Pet starts with a 500-energy of lifespan which means that all 500 energy can be used up until it reaches 0 and that pet can't join in PvE mode. However once the lifespan runs out, players can recharge the energy using the same type of Pet Fragments.

The amount of Pet Fragments needed will be based on the level and the rarity of the pet itself

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