Gameplay Update 4.0.0

24 Apr 2023

Continent of sand and wind is coming

Off the forest, to go on adventures to find out where you truly belong, we give you ... a whole new continent with sand, wind, monster monuments and more exciting challenge waiting.

City 1 of Continent 2

A new journey begins!!! Travel to the desert plains of Americontinent to seek new challenges, new rewards!!!
Dune King monster with new attacking way will give you big surprises. More than that, accompany with him, his strong aligns on desert like cactuses, spiders, scorpions will come to support him.
  • Total nodes: 15 nodes
  • Special nodes: 1_4, 1_8, 1_12
  • Condition: use Goastabing/Gomissing
  • NEW! Terrains
Prepare well!

NEW! IAP Packs on Mobile version

Let’s make your journey more convenient by upgrading, saving items by IAP packs
We introduce you traditional way to collect item, various IAP packs are waiting:
  • GSC pack to provide you a hard currency to join multiple purpose in game.
  • Healing/attacking item bundle
  • NEW! Merge pet bundle to support other way of pet merging and speedup in-game time

New Daily Quest

No more new challenges for a while? Desire to increase your skill level? Let’s try up with new series of quest dedicated designing for new items
New Daily quests require using 6 new items to complete includes:
  • Forgotten Land's Relic
  • Damned Flaming Spear
  • Vicious Warharmmer
  • Quester's Elixir
  • Prismatic Shield
  • Antidode
to win campaigns and join Raidboss mode, sharpen your skillw to be better and better day by day.

Upgrade PvP

Smoother, better PvP mode is ready to serve!